Richard Wham
Richard Wham
Regional Vice President, UK Country Manager at MongoDB

" Despite knowing Rhys personally for over 18 years and witnessing the highs and lows, I never truly appreciated the powerful impact his positive and resilient mindset could have on others until I asked him to come and tell his story to our whole team. To a man and woman, everyone was blown away by the approach Rhys is taking to life after everything he has been through. The lessons, inspiration and true perspective one can get from listening to his story will last a lifetime. A clear, authentic and passionate communicator who, when in full flow, leaves everyone on the edge of their seat experiencing disbelief, shock, belly aching laughter, total sadness, ignition of a ‘can do attitude’ and learnings that no other talk has measured up to in my experience. I can highly recommend Rhys if any of the following topics resonate; resilience, perspective, power of now, positive thinking, acceptance, gratitude, goal setting and recovery. I would also be happy to take a call to share the feedback and sentiment from our team after Rhys’ talk... which is still referenced today, 3 months on. "

Dr. Phil Parker, PhD, DO
Lecturer, Coaching & Addictions London Met University

" Rhys is one of life's rare truly authentic and inspirational people. He has so much to share from the highs and lows of his own journey and presents it with a humility and approachability that is wonderful to experience. "

Simon Scott-Nelson (F.ISP)
CEO at Wellity Global

" Rhys and I first met filming the Wellity Global, 'Inspirational Stories' Series. The candid interviews are designed to help people who are struggling in life by allowing them to see that there is always hope. Rhys's story has since inspired thousands of people and is one of incredible highs and lows, rich in character and brutal truths. An extremely affable character with an inspirational story, Rhys is engaging, emotional and raw ... a man that wears his heart on his sleeve and who is now dedicated to helping others. A great bloke with a big heart and fantastic values, I would recommend Rhys every day of the week, to anyone in my network. "

Patrick Brunnock
Patrick Brunnock
Headteacher at Corpus Christi Catholic High School

" I have to say that the whole staff were overwhelmed and very moved by your talk. Quite blown away really. Many staff came up to me after the event and thanked me for inviting you to our school. You were straight-talking, honest and very real. You talked of your own experiences, and combined this with effective and practical advice on how to look after our mental health. You made a real impact on a group of school staff who have had a very challenging year, and gave them inspiration on how to stay positive and mentally healthy in challenging times. You dealt with some searching questions very effectively, which will help equip staff to support our pupils. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back for sessions with our pupils, as we can see that you will have a big impact on them. "

Peter Cohen
Coach | Speaker | Author

" I’ve had the privilege of working with Rhys since the beginning of 2021. He is an absolute inspiration and a real pleasure to work with. He always sees the best in people and is driven to help people be their best mentally and emotionally. His story has only just begun his best years ahead of him. I would highly recommend him. "

Dai Fussell
Dai Fussell
Head of HSEQ at Transport for Wales

" I whole-heartedly recommend Rhys to provide a real world, relatable story on mental health and substance addiction that hits home and hits hard. His story from peaks to depths and coming through the other side is powerful and thought-provoking. Rhys tells it like it is, through his experiences, which really help provide solutions and coping mechanisms that all men and women can relate to in todays modern world. I would not hesitate to book Rhys on a corporate / wellbeing event as his story will help you and the people you support. "

Lucy Donovan
Lucy Donovan
Senior Positive Futures Development Officer at Newport Live

" Our programme has worked with Rhys in his Ambassador role within Tidy Butt and I would recommend his work. The presentation and honest share Rhys provides is relatable and gives an audience a platform to start and share a discussion around mental health and addictions. "

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