An affable character with a powerful story, Rhys is engaging, emotional and raw, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. His journey is inspirational, full of optimism and at times despair, Rhys’ story demonstrates the sheer power of courage and positivity. Through his unshakeable will to live, the former Wales prop continues to defy the odds. His presentation style is confident yet humble as he walks you through his journey from being born in Johannesburg to the highs of playing for Wales, to becoming disabled and hitting rock bottom, before ultimately facing his fears and finding his new purpose in life. Rhys is a clear and passionate communicator with a wealth of real-life experience, covering a diverse range of topics.

Specialist Topics.

As an inspirational speaker and mentor, Rhys’ areas of expertise include; resilience, athlete transition, mental health & wellbeing, overcoming fear, victim to growth mindset, addiction & recovery, changing perspective, and finding purpose.

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